Picture of Simon Meierhans in Italy


I'm a computer science PhD student in the group of Rasmus Kyng at the Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich.

My interests lie in the realm of algorithm design & analysis and optimization. In particular, I am fascinated by fast graph algorithms and their relations to linear algebra. During my Bachelor and Master studies I dabbled in other fields, such as deep learning and high performance computing, and I have very broad interests in general.

I was awarded the ETH Medal for my Master Thesis on Incremental Single Source Shortest Paths supervised by Maximilian Probst Gutenberg and Rasmus Kyng.

My pronouns are he/his.


I maintain a Google Scholar profile listing the articles I contributed to. The ones made available on arXiv are openly accessible.

  • Derandomizing Directed Random Walks in Almost-Linear Time
    with Rasmus Kyng and Maximilian Probst Gutenberg
  • Incremental SSSP for Sparse Digraphs Beyond the Hopset Barrier
    with Rasmus Kyng and Maximilian Probst Gutenberg
  • Content adaptive optimization for neural image compression
    with Joaquim Campos, Abdelaziz Djelouah and Christopher Schroers
    [arXiv] [CVPR Workshop and Challenge on Learned Image Compression'19]
  • Resilient Dictionaries for Randomly Unreliable Memory
    with Stefano Leucci and Chih-Hung Liu
  • Transformations of high-level synthesis codes for high-performance computing
    with Johannnes de Fine Licht, Maciej Besta and Torsten Hoefler


You can reach me by email at:

  • firstname@simonmeierhans.com
  • firstname.lastname@inf.ethz.ch